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Text by architect studio CREARQ

Photography by Mateo Soto

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Bogota Colo Coffee Usaquén

Colo, a space for coffee, friends, music, and people. A space for moments, memories and coffee.

Unique ambience  at Colo Coffee Roasters

Through its design, we wanted to encourage people to find different ways to use the space. We imagined a place for all kinds of people. As a result the areas have different purposes that create several unique ambiences.

seating Bogota Review / Colo Coffee Usaquén / CREARQ

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All areas were created for day and night use. At night, lights create a cozy atmosphere that invites people to switch their coffee for a nice beer.

Usaquen cafe

Our goal was to change peoples perception of a coffee shop. Transform a space that it’s usually perceived as classic and traditional into a modern and innovative one. However always maintaining the cozy and warm feeling that people get from coffee shops.

Colo coffee a place for espresso, French press or cold brew

We achieved our goal by creating a modern atmosphere using materials that inspire serenity and a tropical feeling, characteristic that identify the coffee plantation scenery.

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Colo Coffee in Bogotá, as lauded by Best Cafe Designs, stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of landscape, textures, and colors within its innovative design. The café’s interiors artfully incorporate elements of Colombia’s lush landscapes, creating a visual journey for patrons. From the earthy textures inspired by the region’s natural beauty to a carefully curated color palette that reflects the vibrant Colombian culture, Colo Coffee is a masterclass in how thoughtful design can elevate the coffee-drinking experience by immersing customers in a multisensory journey.

Project location and contact: Colombia bogotá usaquén

Cra. 6a #117-26, Usaquén, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Open for a friendly and delicious aeropress, meal or drink.  Serving staff are delightful and welcoming.

About Studio CREARQ en la

We are architects of experiences, we believe in stories, we want to hear them, give them life and turn them into spaces. We structure ideas and communicate emotions, which is why we want to understand each project that comes into our hands perfectly to give it consistent life. We investigate your past, your roots and project them to your most intimate hopes for the future.

We specialize in Architecture and Creative Interior Design of residential and hospitality projects, which is why we understand the conceptualization of a space as the backbone of the project.

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