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Best Wine Bar in Singapore / Wild Card / Wine bar Client’s Words

“We didn’t give @huidesigns an easy brief – a space for any time of day, where it’d be nice for a solo cuppa or glass of wine, but also fit for getting house-party-buzzy. Our references borrowed from memories of our times working in an East London wine bar, a day party in a Gowanus warehouse, and all the dreams and geographies in between.

We began with three walls (carved out of a hotel lobby, no less) – Hui’s artistic vision brought to life.”

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Hui Designs Design Approach

Having spent some time chatting and getting to know the clients, Denise Lum and Charlene Fang, these words came to mind – fun, affable, personable, off-beat and cool. Denise’s specialty is in coffee and Charlene’s is in wine. They decided to join forces to open a venue which combines the likes of both. Recruiting Chef Amir for his amazing culinary skills completed the foundation.

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Naturally I felt the space needed to exude their personalities. I knew I had to design a space that is welcoming thoughout the day and personable. An intimate space that feels like it’s their second home, a hang-out or hide-out for their friends and strangers and strangers becoming their friends. 

Place to appreciation Singapore wine

As I hear them describe their memories in London where they had gone to school and worked, it jolted my own memory of visiting some of the grungier restaurants and bars with its own unique personalities I used to love in Melbourne and London.

kitchen detail Best Wine Bar in Singapore

Site constraints – Best wine bar in Singapore

The site however was quite a challenge to begin with. It is a space carved out of a corner of the Furama Riverfront Hotel Lobby, hence as mentioned above we started with only three walls. Hidden below a double volume void. We had to build our own wall around it.

Nook of Spaces – Best wine bar in Singapore

Respecting the original oval shaped void, the new wall needed to follow the curve which presented us with an odd-shaped space. The wall is intentionally designed to have half height windows, to give the venue a presence and ignite curiosity from the hotel lobby side. to capitalize on the odd shape, I created different nooks of spaces, offering eclectic options of seating. 

Facade and seating – Wine bars in Singapore 

As one enters the venue, to the left a long bench seat wraps around the inside of the façade wall provides a cozy corner seating. Meanwhile, banking the curved wall are custom-designed cantilevered counter height tables. And across from that is the ‘bottle shop’, a retail station as requested by the client. 

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Favourite wine seating to sip

At the end of the curved wall, you will find a two seater sofa. A 6-seater dining table is placed between the two existing columns. The table was a vintage coffee table modified to become a dining table. The dining chairs are a mix of pre-owned kusch+co stacking chairs and foldable chairs, purchased from

bar bites and wine culture

Best bar counter for interaction

A “U” shaped bar/coffee counter and stainless steel-clad bulkhead hovering over it are located at the far end, and it counters the odd shape of the site and also to ground the space. It also provides a focal point as one enters the venue. The chef’s kitchen is adjacent to the bar counter and there are seats at the chef’s counter so that the chef can interact with the diners.

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Materiality and Finishes – Wine Bars in Singapore

As with most projects where the budget is not big, this poses creative challenges. I needed to be creative with the material used to achieve the look and feel I had envisioned for them. A combination of stained marine plywood, dulled stainless steel, raw mild steel and celcon blocks are deployed. The floor is raw concrete and the existing wall is in its original rough state, but painted over for a tactile finish.

The overall vibe is chilled, grungy and unpretentious.

hui designs plan

Project location: Wild Card / Hui Designs / Places in Singapore

405 Havelock Rd, #01-03 Furama RiverFront, Singapore 169633

Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm (Wed – Fri), 9am – 11pm (Sat – Sun), Closed Mon, Tues

Wine Bistro / Best Restaurants in Singapore

Nestled among the captivating destinations in Singapore, Wildcard stands as one of the city’s best bars, a testament to the visionary design by Hui Designs. This enchanting wine bar is not just a place; it’s an immersive experience for those with a passion for wine and a discerning palate. The ambiance, thoughtfully crafted by Hui Designs, sets the stage for memorable date nights, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. The carefully curated wine menu boasts an extensive selection of natural wines that transport patrons to vineyards across the globe. Wildcard, not only celebrated for being a gastro wine bar, takes pride in serving the best produce alongside comfort food, creating a harmonious marriage of flavors. With a dedication to the ever-changing world of wine, this establishment serves as both a bar and retail space, inviting patrons to explore its extensive wine collection. Wildcard’s commitment to wine pairings and its deep connection to different wine regions make it a standout destination in Singapore’s vibrant bar scene. As one of the best bars in the city, Wildcard, with its passion for wine, offers an unparalleled dining experience where good food and wine converge, creating an atmosphere that celebrates the artistry of the grape.

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