Loretta / Wellington NZ / Parsonson Architects

Loretta / Wellington NZ / Parsonson Architects

Loretta, located directly beneath Parsonson Architects studio, is the ‘little sister’ of Floriditas Cafe a few doors down Cuba Street. The space has had several guises since it was built around 1910, including as an arcade to a picture theatre and most recently as a commercial bakery with a small cafe fronting Cuba St. To […]

Vancouver Cafe / Giovane Caffee / Waoffice

Designed by Waissbluth Architecture Office Vancouver coffee shop Located in the recently completed Deloitte Summit office development, the project is the second location of the Vancouver based, Giovane Caffe. For further American Cafe designs click he Best Coffee bar and lobby Giovane at 410 West Georgia is a cafe focusing on creating an environment that balances the many […]

Lakeside cafe / Lit Time / Fun Connection

Reconstruct a Brand-new Living Paradigm Lakeside Cafe Home Zishan Lake Peninsula, a suburban resort area located just over an hour’s drive from Wuhan. As a multifunctional lakeside cafe for dining and wine space in the community of Zishanhu New Town, Lit Time was transformed from the reception lobby of the Sweet Box Hotel, originally located […]

Best Wine Bar in Singapore / Wild Card / Hui Designs

Best Wine Bar in Singapore / Wild Card / Wine bar Client’s Words “We didn’t give @huidesigns an easy brief – a space for any time of day, where it’d be nice for a solo cuppa or glass of wine, but also fit for getting house-party-buzzy. Our references borrowed from memories of our times working in […]

Kazakhstan / Julius Cafe / New Almaty Architects Workshop

Designed by New Almaty Architects Workshop (NAAW) Photography by Damir Otegen Origin and meaning of café Julius cafe is a small specialty coffee shop in the center of Almaty. The client for the project is ABR Group, which is well known in Kazakhstan for paying great attention to interior design in their projects. The starting point for the […]

Cat Cafe Bangkok Thailand / Petrichor Cafe / AA+A Architecture

Designed by Anatomy Architecture + Atelier Photography by VARP Photography Cat Cafe in Bangkok Petrichor Cafe is a remarkable architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blends functionality, aesthetics, and a harmonious connection with nature outside the window. The design of the cafe is inspired by the concept of petrichor, the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. Cat […]

Kun ming / China Cafe / ido & Friends Café / Aurora Design

Aurora Design|ido & Friends Cafe China – Friendly Hub Functionalism, Friendly Expression The late 19th to mid-20th century saw the rise of the modernist wave in Europe. From urban streets to rural hamlets, from coastal islands to private homes and public cafes, well-known artistic hubs and meeting places ignited the creativity of countless artists. ‘Open’ […]

Canberra Cafe / Cupping Room

Located in the heart of Canberra Cafe / Cupping Room charms visitors with its exposed timber ceiling and elegant timber doors and windows, infusing the space with a welcoming ambiance. The rustic warmth of the wooden elements beautifully complements the cafe’s contemporary design, creating an inviting haven for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers alike. A […]

Wedding Venues Pretoria / cafe life 1 at Create Café

The Create Cafe at the Alpine Attitude Boutique Hotel in Pretoria, designed by Nadine Engelbrecht, is a versatile wedding venues Pretoria that seamlessly caters to a wide range of events, from weddings and baby showers to birthdays and engagements. Its inviting ambiance, characterized by warm timber tones and an exposed steel frame, provides an elegant […]

Alpine Attitude Boutique Hotel cafe life 2 at Create Café

Architect’ Firm: Nadine Engelbrecht Architect At night, the Create Cafe at the Alpine Attitude Boutique Hotel in Pretoria, designed by Nadine Engelbrecht, transforms into an ideal lantern-like setting. Its transparent glazing allows the interior to glow warmly, creating a magical ambiance that casts a soft and inviting light. The lofted event space adds to the […]

Coffee Shops Pretoria / Create Café / Nadine Engelbrecht

Project name: Create Café  Architect’ Firm: Nadine Engelbrecht Architect Create Café is a 240m2 small-scale renovation project located in Pretoria, South Africa. In order to extend the facilities of her boutique hotel, the client acquired a neighboring residential property that contained an old derelict garage. The design proposed to repurpose the existing building at minimal […]

Urban Cafe / Backhaus / INS Studio

Architect: INS Studio Lead Architects: Wisnu Wardhana Photography by Akasa Rana For further Asian Cafe designs click here In German language Backhaus means house of bread. This urban cafe is located in one of the shopping malls in the city of Makassar. Their specials are pastries and coffee. The interior concept resembles the form of the […]

Maros Cafe / Hifi Coffee Eatery / INS Studio

Architect: INS Studio Lead Architects: Wisnu Wardhana Photography by Akasa Rana For further Asian Cafe designs click here Initially, the owner of Maros Cafe / Hifi Coffee Eatery wanted to build a shop building for lease of 4 floors without any architectural planning drawings. After the structure has been built to 2 floors, the owner had […]

Cafe in Makassar / MKO Culture / INS Studio

Architect: INS Studio Lead Architects: Wisnu Wardhana Photography by Akasa Rana For further Asian Cafe designs click here The Idea for MKO Culture came up along with the client’s desire to have a Cafe in Makassar with a size of 20 square meters located in the front yard of his house.  One particular request from clients […]

Fiji Cafe / Urata Look Out Cafe / Caukin studio

Designed by CAUKIN Studio The Urata community and Savusavu Rotary Club identified a unique opportunity to develop a community fiji cafe which would serve both local and international tourists who journey between the two main towns on the island, Labasa and Savusavu.  For further Oceania Cafe designs click here The two main towns are linked by […]

Zushi Surry Hills Japanese

Zushi Surry Hills Japanese designed by Michiru Higginbotham. The perfectly balanced ingredients to create the warm and inviting Zushi Surry Hills. The latest offering from Zushi Sydney. Luna pendants gently sway in the double height void overhead the Sushi bar, hypnotising passers by and creating a soft atmosphere for evening semi-alfresco dining and general festivities. […]

161 Clarence Street / Michi Izakaya & Ramen

Michi Izakaya & Ramen at 161 Clarence Street, thoughtfully designed by Michiru Higginbotham, offers a unique atmosphere with its timber dowel linings and dark aesthetic. The integration with the refined brickwork of 161 Clarence Street’s Skye Suites ground floor, constructed by Wrightway Construction, adds a touch of heritage charm to the contemporary design, creating a […]

Cafe Brussels / Café du Sablon

Cafe Brussels / Café du Sablon is a design marvel nestled in an urban setting. With its exposed ceilings, this cafe boasts an industrial chic aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the vibrant city atmosphere. The striking timber feature linings add warmth and character to the space, creating an inviting haven amidst the bustling cityscape. Photography […]