Urban Cafe / Backhaus / INS Studio

Architect: INS Studio

Lead Architects: Wisnu Wardhana

Photography by Akasa Rana

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In German language Backhaus means house of bread. This urban cafe is located in one of the shopping malls in the city of Makassar. Their specials are pastries and coffee.

The interior concept resembles the form of the toast brown color and the pastries texture.

To get the brown color on the walls INS Studio used natural plywood material. Natural stone material is applied randomly to the skin of the bar to get the theme of the fibrous pastry texture. 

Initially, the desired material for the urban cafe ceiling was plywood or solid wood, but due to the high cost, we replaced it with WPC (wood plastic composite) material to make it more economical but still look like wood. The use of glass with wooden frames combined with the color of the olive green walls is intended so that the interior can be seen clearly by shopping mall visitors.

there is a fully enclosed kitchen area for baking bread which is directly connected to the bar area. The client does not feel the need to create an open kitchen concept for the urban cafe because the glass display in the bar is adequate to show the pastry products.

Project Location: Urban Cafe / Backhaus / INS Studio

Nipah Mall Makassar, Karampuang, Panakkukang, Makassar City, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

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