Curitiba Paraná / Brazil cafe / Bonin Bakery / MOCA Architecture

Bonin Bakery: the baker’s shop that will take you to the Belle Époque

LOCATION: Bonin Bakery / Curitiba Paraná – Brazil
 Prudente de Moraes Avenue , 995 – Centro, Curitiba – PR, zipcode 80430-234

ARCHITECTS: Ana Sikorski and Katia Azevedo from MOCA ARCHITECTURE

PHOTO CREDIT:  Eduardo Macarios

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Belle Époque’s Art Nouveau emerges with unique style alongside the smell of freshly baked bread in a store that serves delightful treats, Bonin Bakery, designed by MOCA Arquitetura in Curitiba Paraná , Southern Brazil.

To reach the aim to transport every client to France’s most sophisticated period, the leading architects Ana Sikorski and Katia Azevedo first decided about the classy carpentry work alongside the furniture shaped in curves and the stunning green marble tables. At the end, the arising aesthetics reflects the refined artisanal products made by the Bonin bakery’s chef and owner Mauren Bonin, a former Le Cordon Bleu student at Paris and London.

The design of this Brazil cafe also draws attention to the use of varied colours: burnt yellow, magenta, burnt beige and mint green. “We channelled our inspiration to shades of colours that brought us the feeling to be inside a warm and comfortable space, just like a cosy cottage emanating the aroma of loaves of bread baking inside the oven. We joke that we chose ‘colours that smells like fresh bread’, being careful to also use distinctive colourful hues that takes part in a Belle Époque setting”, explains Ana Sikorski. The Brazil cafe mint green takes part in the counter area, while yellow and pink appear in the café area.

Meanwhile, the bathroom assumes a monochromatic pink role in the store, gaining its own charm with the use of pink marble combined with the wallpaper inspired in the ganilite technique (a 1940’s brazilian type of cladding that consists in a mixture of marble, granite, sand, cement and water). Therefore, the architects focused in the use of references from both past and present.

The idea was to bring a vintage essence without living in the past. Thus in this Brazil cafe, the architects decided to contrast classic materials such as marble, gold finishes and objects digged antique shops, such as the garden chairs that were found in São Paulo, with contemporary elements, such as the tiles and the lamps with modern and unique design. “The idea was to create a counterpoint to the delicate and classic environment with a minimalist and more contemporary piece”, explains Kátia about the lamps, specially design for this project.


The office, located in downtown Curitiba Paraná, south of Brazil, is led by the architects Ana Sikorski and Katia Azevedo, and integrates the work of another seven professionals. With architectural and interior design projects in several states; the office reflects the exchange of experiences and the detailed vision of the partners and associated architects. Through design, they bring back memories and create emotional bonds between clients and spaces, building new narratives for the city’s properties. More than aesthetics, the projects translate sensations and emotions, becoming places of personality and history. See more information at

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