Cafe Buenos Aires / DUCA Caffe / OHIO Estudio + Estudio RIPANI

Architecture Offices: OHIO Estudio + Estudio RIPANI 
Architect on charge: Felicitas Navia (OHIO Estudio), Lucas Ripani (Estudio RIPANI) 
Team: Felicitas Navia, Lucas Ripani, Roxana Paik, Martina Perez Campi, Irina Teitelbaum (drawings) 

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Project description of DUCA café

DUCA is created based on two popular trends in Buenos Aires: the specialty coffee and appetizer. We decided to go further with an Italian concept, “the apericena”, which is based on gourmet tapas.

The challenge that the design and creative team, formed by OHIO Estudio, Tricota Agency & Estudio Ripani had to face was to set a unique space, a brand-new concept.

curved detail Cafe Buenos Aires / DUCA Caffe / OHIO Estudio + Estudio RIPANI

Design for Contemporary café culture

In order to offer a new concept, we had to move away from the “classic cafeteria” (where wood and industrial materials abound). We chose to propose a space where color, curved lines and textures are protagonists.

Life today’s fast paced in and people tend to enjoy the Take away. We looked forward to break every day’s routine by impact of emotions, that will be orchestrated by its materials and textures becoming memorable; uprising the consumer to enjoy an honest and trustworthy product. The identity was built from the simplification of the elements, allowing the design to show and speak for itself, without loading or saturating it.

A cafe design that heightens the senses and allows visitors to thrive

It consists of a bounded palette with blue, as the base color and pink, to highlight elements; and wood to unify and balance. The result of it is a warm space. Every detail was placed and designed carefully, from the cups to chairs and tables.

The space was designed in order that the combination of full colors and textures could be appreciated in each corner.

The store has unique pieces that makes up the general structure of the space. This is reflected in the systematization of the fixed furniture, the modulation of the covering panels that include the luminaire and the bar. Also, the bar was designed to contain and divided the barista and the bartender sector, complementing and reinforcing the identity of DUCA. 

Best coffee shop and bar

It was essential to create different situations where the client can travel the space and get inspired in each instance. From the sidewalk, where a pink neon sign with the local brand finishes, the entrance with a made-to-measure terrazzo floor, the curves of the furniture that generate fluidity, the stairway dyed pink by a circular neon, the terrace where you can locate a landscape of treetops and even the toilets that combine different textures and curved mirrors. These are some of the guidelines we use to generate this new space. 

seating detail Cafe Buenos Aires / DUCA Caffe / OHIO Estudio + Estudio RIPANI

DUCA – Caffe and Apericena, we are waiting for you to live this experience.

A beautiful place for a meeting, drink or delicious breakfast and lunch food around the cultural city of buenos aires argentine.  One of the city’s elegant, simple, modern and memorabile places for a long rest and coffee.  Open to serve 11am-7pm

Project details historic de buenos aires city

Branding : Agencia Tricota 
Construction management: Felicitas Navia + Lucas Ripani 
E-mail contact office: 
Photograph / Website: Javier Agustin Rojas / 
Construction term year: 2019 
Builded Surface : 60 (m2)

Project location: Cafe Buenos Aires / DUCA Caffe

Location (Street, commune, city, country): Thames 1759, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos 
Aires, Argentina.

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