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Cat Cafe in Bangkok

Petrichor Cafe is a remarkable architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blends functionality, aesthetics, and a harmonious connection with nature outside the window. The design of the cafe is inspired by the concept of petrichor, the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil.

Cat café

Located in a lush green setting, the architecture of Petrichor Cafe aims to create a serene and welcoming atmosphere for its visitors with their beloved pets and lovely cats.

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Downtown bangkok

The exterior of Petrichor Cafe features a unique combination of natural and modern elements by interacting the new building with the existing Thai traditional architecture. The building is characterized by using sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood and stone, which give it an organic and earthy feel. The facade incorporates sizeable floor-to-ceiling glass panels, allowing ample natural light to flood the interior while providing stunning views of the surrounding landscape in the afternoon.

Cat café

Upon entering the cafe, visitors are immediately immersed in a spacious interior. The architecture embraces an open-plan layout, with a soaring ceiling and a thoughtful arrangement of seating areas that cater to different group sizes and preferences. Items include the use of natural materials and existing brick columns continues inside, with exposed wooden beams, ceiling, and brick walls, blurring the boundaries between the built environment and nature. The space is separated into two zones by a wood and white arc ceiling pattern which was designed from the animal pawn shape.

Cat cafés in bangkok

The interior space furniture is decorated by the owner’s collection of mid-century style spread around the cafe in various colours. This café allows  specialist grooming for your pet and enjoy the food while waiting for them.

Cat cafe club for your Kitty

Visiting Bangkok pet cafes? Don’t miss the chance to unwind in the heart of the city at the Petrichor Cafe. Nestled in the bustling streets of Bangkok, this charming cat café is also for cat people and travellers alike. Cat lover grooming services to various cat breeds are provided. The best part? There’s no entrance fee! At the caturday cat cafe, you can simply order some food and drink from the cafe’s menu while being surrounded by cute cats where it is divided into different areas. This Bangkok cat cafe is not just a cafe.  The cafe is also a haven for feline enthusiasts and a perfect place for your adorable cats to receive grooming or bathing which they will definitely enjoy.

Project location: Cat Cafe Bangkok Thailand / Petrichor Cafe / AA+A Architecture

For your furry friends, Kitty Cat cafe is located at subdistrict 88 หมู่2 Thanon Thawi Watthana, Thawi Watthana, Bangkok 10170, Thailand.  The café also serves a variety of food, average price and of a high standard.

About Anatomy Architecture + Atelier

As the definition of ‘Anatomy’ is characterized by configuration in the progressive understanding of entirety. deep into a relation of mechanical system and feature of appearance in terms of architecture and design. AA+A was founded in 2015 based in Bangkok under the determination of afresh ideas to achieve the goal of a better space that could possibly improve quality of life.

We serve the service for all interior and architecture design. Implement the materials and factors of a solution to create a new idea and concept for each project identity. Emphasize the great quality of design from critical thinking with deep analysis for answer the proposition of user requirement and context that takes influence from each existing space.

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