Third Cliff Bakery / Boston / Thought Craft Architects

Designed as its first brick and mortar location, Third Cliff Bakery anchors and activates the corner of a new mixed-use development at a busy corner along Washington Street in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. Starting out as a mobile coffee cart, Third Cliff made its mark on the community and was in need of […]

Powerhouse Arts District / New Jersey Coffee shop / Lackawanna Coffee

Cafe in Jersey City Located in the lively Powerhouse Arts District of Jersey City, the café features interior architecture by Inaba Williams and custom fabrication by Kyle May, Architect. Opened in 2022, Lackawanna Coffee is an inviting refuge of original design and stand-out customizations. From majestic, playful columns to colorful resin furnishings, the café welcomes guests with carefully curated […]

Best Berkeley Cafe CA / Mind Coffee / Mahyasalehistudio

Berkeley Cafe / Architects Description When a young coffee enthusiast approached us to design a Coffee shop concept around “mindfulness”, they knew exactly what they are looking for: A meditative space that encourages the presence of mind, provokes thoughtful interactions, and provides a comfortable oasis for solo visitors and groups alike. The space was conceived […]

Vancouver Cafe / Giovane Caffee / Waoffice

Designed by Waissbluth Architecture Office Vancouver coffee shop Located in the recently completed Deloitte Summit office development, the project is the second location of the Vancouver based, Giovane Caffe. For further American Cafe designs click he Best Coffee bar and lobby Giovane at 410 West Georgia is a cafe focusing on creating an environment that balances the many […]

Toronto Cafes / Buno Coffee / Architecture Riot

Best cafes in Toronto Ontario Buno Coffee collaborated with Architecture Riot to design its branding and first café located on St. Clair West in the Wychwood neighbourhood of Toronto. for other American cafes click here Cutest cafes and Best Coffee shop Their bold desire to serve specialty coffee is represented in their vibrant brand colours of blue and yellow […]

Bogota Review / Colo Coffee Usaquén / CREARQ

Text by architect studio CREARQ Photography by Mateo Soto for other American cafes click here Bogota Colo Coffee Usaquén Colo, a space for coffee, friends, music, and people. A space for moments, memories and coffee. Unique ambience  at Colo Coffee Roasters Through its design, we wanted to encourage people to find different ways to use the space. […]

Bogota Cafe bar Colombiano / Colo Coffee Andes / CREARQ

Café bar with a Cozy Atmosphere The cafe bar in Colo Coffee Andes, seeks to create a cozy atmosphere that combines warmth with the tropical lushness that characterizes coffee growing areas in Colombia. Traditionally, the concept of coffee in the country has been associated with a very classic and traditional style, but we wanted to […]

Cafe Buenos Aires / DUCA Caffe / OHIO Estudio + Estudio RIPANI

Architecture Offices: OHIO Estudio + Estudio RIPANI Architect on charge: Felicitas Navia (OHIO Estudio), Lucas Ripani (Estudio RIPANI) Team: Felicitas Navia, Lucas Ripani, Roxana Paik, Martina Perez Campi, Irina Teitelbaum (drawings)  For further American Cafe designs click here Project description of DUCA café DUCA is created based on two popular trends in Buenos Aires: the specialty coffee and appetizer. We decided to go […]

Arboleda Monterrey / Antilope Cafe / Massoperations

¿How would Wes Anderson design a chapel for Coffee? Project Name: Café Antilope / Arboleda Monterrey Antilope Café is a new coffee Brand in Arboleda Monterrey / Mexico. The 80m2 space is located within the Arboleda Development in Monterrey México and it represents the brand´s first physical space where the marriage of Chiapas coffee beans […]

Curitiba Brasil cafe / Boutique Do PÃO DE LÓ – Pastry Shop and Coffee / MOCA Architecture

Colors in motion: Moca Arquitetura brings chromatic transformation to a pastry shop and coffee in Itajaí. LOCATION: Itajaí – Santa Catarina Brasil cafeLauro Muller Street , 487 – Centro, Itajaí – SC,  zipcode 88301-400 For further American Cafe designs click here For Bonin Bakery by Moca Architecture ARCHITECTS: Ana Sikorski and Katia Azevedo of MOCA ARCHITECTURE PHOTO […]

Curitiba Paraná / Brazil cafe / Bonin Bakery / MOCA Architecture

Bonin Bakery: the baker’s shop that will take you to the Belle Époque LOCATION: Bonin Bakery / Curitiba Paraná – Brazil Prudente de Moraes Avenue , 995 – Centro, Curitiba – PR, zipcode 80430-234 ARCHITECTS: Ana Sikorski and Katia Azevedo from MOCA ARCHITECTURE PHOTO CREDIT:  Eduardo Macarios For further American Cafe designs click here For Boutique Do PÃO […]

Havana Cafe / COLOR CAFÉ

Havana Cafe, also known as COLOR CAFÉ, is a captivating fusion of design and fashion influences. Drawing inspiration from its fashion origins, this space serves a dual purpose as both a fashion workshop and a lively bar and bistro. With pastel color accents adorning its interior, Havana Cafe exudes an inviting atmosphere that is perfect […]

coffee shop in barranco Felicia y Domingo

Coffee Shop in Barranco / Felicia y Domingo

The Barranco coffee shop, Felicia y Domingo, is a visual delight with its charming design. Characterized by its welcoming and artistic ambiance, the cafe beckons patrons with its eclectic blend of furnishings and decor, offering a unique and inviting space to savor coffee and creative inspiration in the vibrant neighborhood of Barranco. Photography by Kaybeth […]

Americano Espresso / Ciclos Cafe

Americano Espresso, home to Ciclos Cafe, shines brightly with its cheerful yellow decor. This vibrant design choice infuses the cafe with a sunny and welcoming ambiance, creating a lively and inviting space where patrons can savor their coffee in a burst of color and positivity. Photography by Kaybeth Pacheco For further American Cafe designs click here […]

Barranco Cafe / Coleccionista coffee gallery

Enjoy a local Peruvian brew in the shady courtyard of this relaxed Barranco cafe.  Coleccionista Coffee Gallery invites patrons to explore its captivating design featuring intricate mosaic tiling and unique coffee displays. The cafe’s artistic ambiance effortlessly blends history and contemporary style, providing a visually stimulating environment for coffee aficionados to enjoy a choice of […]