Migrant Kitchen Story / New York / JBA Collective and MEAN Design

Migrant Kitchen Cafe in New York, is characterised by its sculptural enclosure made of laser-cut plywood lattice, which serves as both a functional wall lining and an eye-catching feature ceiling. This design choice creates captivating vistas throughout the space, especially when viewed from different angles. The integration of the plywood with the seating adds a […]

Powerhouse Arts District / New Jersey Coffee shop / Lackawanna Coffee

Cafe in Jersey City Located in the lively Powerhouse Arts District of Jersey City, the café features interior architecture by Inaba Williams and custom fabrication by Kyle May, Architect. Opened in 2022, Lackawanna Coffee is an inviting refuge of original design and stand-out customizations. From majestic, playful columns to colorful resin furnishings, the café welcomes guests with carefully curated […]

Best Coffee Nyc / Joe & the Juice

Joe & The Juice, renowned as one of the best coffee spots in NYC, presents a distinctive design with its unique concrete podium setting. This innovative approach creates an inviting and contemporary atmosphere, setting the stage for patrons to enjoy their coffee in a space that seamlessly blends style and functionality in the heart of […]