Mora Mora Colima / Mexico City / Alfille Arquitectos

In the heart of Mexico City, Mora Mora Colima designed by Alfille Arquitectos emerges as a flagship vegan restaurant and supermarket, blending sustainability with thoughtful design. The name “Mora Mora” reflects a leisurely pace, contrasting with the city’s dynamic energy, while “Colima” highlights the location’s rich cultural heritage. This unique hybrid space embodies a new […]

Arboleda Monterrey / Antilope Cafe / Massoperations

¿How would Wes Anderson design a chapel for Coffee? Project Name: Café Antilope / Arboleda Monterrey Antilope Café is a new coffee Brand in Arboleda Monterrey / Mexico. The 80m2 space is located within the Arboleda Development in Monterrey México and it represents the brand´s first physical space where the marriage of Chiapas coffee beans […]