Hotel Continent Centrepoint / Teratas Koffiebar / Makassar City / Panakkukang

Teratas Koffiebar: Crafting Urban Elegance in the Rustic Cafe Bar of Hotel Continent Centrepoint Makassar Panakkukang

by Ananda Ardiansyah Architects

In the vibrant tapestry of urban living, Ananda Ardiansyah Architects, under the visionary leadership of Principal Architect Ar. Ananda Armin Ardiansyah, introduces a captivating cafe bar design that seamlessly marries rustic charm with contemporary allure. Executed by the adept architects Andi Mauludi Yusuf and Soetrisno Ramadhan, with Agung Fadriansyah capturing its essence through a lens, this design is a testament to the firm’s commitment to creating authentic and immersive spaces. Located within the dynamic Hotel Continent, Teratas Koffiebar encapsulates the spirit of contemporary living in a bustling city.

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Makassar Material and Texture

At the heart of this design lies a meticulous selection of materials – raw wood, brick, and industrial metal – converging to create an inviting rustic atmosphere. The intentional mix of rough textures and subtle elements, such as soft fabrics on chairs and curtains, strikes a perfect balance, inviting patrons into a visually dynamic and tactile space within Teratas Koffiebar at Hotel Continent.

Open Layout and Flexible Seating / Hotel Continent Centrepoint

Crafted to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere, an open layout sets the stage for community engagement. Flexible seating areas, featuring soft sofas and small tables, encourage social interactions, transforming Teratas Koffiebar into a hub for connections and shared experiences within the broader ambiance of Hotel Continent.

Multifunctional Furniture

Versatility is key, with furniture chosen for its adaptability. Tables equipped with USB outlets and charging capabilities, coupled with comfortable chairs, cater to the needs of patrons seeking spaces that effortlessly transition from work to relaxation. The flexible seating arrangements further support informal business meetings or gatherings of friends within the Teratas Koffiebar space at Hotel Continent.

Modern Colour Touches / Hotel in Makassar Panakkukang

Inspired by urban culture, the colour palette paints Teratas Koffiebar in hues of grey, black, and bold tones like neon red or magenta. This modern infusion adds a touch of vibrancy, resonating with the dynamic energy of both Teratas Koffiebar and the broader Hotel Continent.

Industrial Lighting and Atmosphere / Continent Centrepoint

Central to the design narrative is the use of industrial lighting, with chandeliers boasting striking designs and wall lights arranged experimentally. The inclusion of candles or modern decorative lights enhances the ambiance, creating a unique and classy atmosphere within the overarching environment of Teratas Koffiebar at Hotel Continent.

City Music and Cultural Events

Transforming into a cultural hub, Teratas Koffiebar curated by Ananda Ardiansyah Architects becomes an integral part of the Hotel Continent experience. Carefully curated music playlists reflect urban culture, and a dedicated stage hosts live music performances and local art events, adding a layer of cultural richness to the Teratas Koffiebar space within Hotel Continent.

In collaboration with Ananda Ardiansyah Architects, Teratas Koffiebar not only showcases a harmonious fusion of natural elements and contemporary aesthetics but also offers a space that caters to the multifaceted preferences of dynamic urban patrons within the context of Hotel Continent. As the architectural vision comes to life, Teratas Koffiebar becomes an integral part of the broader hotel experience, a testament to the firm’s dedication to creating spaces that transcend functionality to deliver authentic and immersive experiences within Hotel Continent.

continent centrepoint panakkukang – makassar

Indulge in the pinnacle of sophistication at the Teratas Koffiebar nestled within the deluxe suites of the Continent Centrepoint Panakkukang in Makassar. Boasting 24-hour on-site services and located in close proximity to Panakkukang Mall, this coffee bar offers a refined experience for guests. The friendly Indonesian staff goes above and beyond to provide excellent service, ensuring that your every need is met. As you explore the rich local surroundings, feel free to reach out with frequently asked questions, receiving prompt and knowledgeable assistance. Teratas Koffiebar not only keeps you connected but also elevates your culinary journey with its exceptional food offerings. Immerse yourself in the unique charm and convenience that Teratas Koffiebar adds to your stay at Continent Centrepoint Panakkukang.

Project Location: Hotel Continent Centrepoint Makassar / Teratas Koffiebar / Makassar City / Panakkukang

Hotel Continent Centrepoint Makassar, Jl. Adiyaksa No.15, Masale, Kec. Panakkukang, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan 90231, Indonesia

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am-2am

For more insights and a visual journey through this project, visit Ananda Ardiansyah Architects’ Instagram. For inquiries and collaboration within Hotel Continent, contact the architects via email at or call +62 811461660.

Photographer : Agung Fadriansyah

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