Maros Cafe / Hifi Coffee Eatery / INS Studio

Architect: INS Studio

Lead Architects: Wisnu Wardhana

Photography by Akasa Rana

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Initially, the owner of Maros Cafe / Hifi Coffee Eatery wanted to build a shop building for lease of 4 floors without any architectural planning drawings. After the structure has been built to 2 floors, the owner had some thoughts whether to continue build it to the 3rd and 4th floors or not. At this point, the owner thougth it would be better for an Architect to have a redesign to the building internally and externally.

On the 1st floor, the Architect INS Studio turned the open space into a carport for visitor’s vehicles and separated the entrance which is directly connected to the stairs leading to the next floor. on the 2nd floor, the room layout was developed by placing the kitchen in the back area so that food can be delivered directly to the 3rd floor using the food elevator. the front area is used as a Mushola (prayer room) for visitors by adding a wall with air ventilation made of reinforced concrete.

The main function of the building is on the 3rd and 4th floor which is a coffee shop and restaurant. The architect INS Studio divided the 2 closed and open spaces on the 3rd floor by creating a garden in an open area. The connection to the 4th floor is also made into 2 accesses with the first staircase being closed using a brick wall arrangement with light slits, and the second staircase being made open which can also be accessed through the garden.

The 4th floor, which is the balcony and 3rd floor, which is the open garden, are all intended for visitors to enjoy a direct view of the mountains and not too crowded settlements. At a point of time, you may see planes taking off or landing, as this location is quite close to the airport.

Project Location: Maros Cafe / Hifi Coffee Eatery / INS Studio

BTN Cipta Mandai Indah No.7, Bontoa, Mandai, Maros Regency, South Sulawesi 90552, Indonesia

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