Paris Coffee Shop / Nomade Cafe

This Paris coffee shop has a chill atmosphere and resident tattoo artist When tattoo artist Pia Almondy and her partner returned to Paris from extensive travels through Asia and South America the pair decided to open a business where each could express their passion: tattoo for her and specialty coffee for him.  The result is […]

Dream Cafe / On Partage Cafe Cantine Caféinée

“Dream Cafe / On Partage Cafe” immerses patrons in a cozy atmosphere with rustic stone walls, warm timber finishes, and inviting bay windows. This charming setting offers a perfect blend of comfort and character, making it an ideal place to enjoy delightful culinary experiences while gazing out at the world passing by through those picturesque […]

Cafe de paris / Comets Cafe

“Cafe de Paris / Comets Cafe” beckons with soft lighting, cozy seating nooks, and a relaxed, casual aesthetic. The warm and inviting atmosphere invites you to unwind and savor your favorite beverages and treats, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely escape from the bustling city. For further European Cafe designs click here Photography Jacob […]