Velvet Cafe near me

Velvet Cafe, conveniently located in Dusseldorf, stands out with its captivating design featuring glazed partitions that create an open and inviting atmosphere. Complemented by lofty industrial and exposed ceilings, this cafe offers a harmonious blend of modern elegance and industrial chic, making it the perfect place to enjoy your coffee while appreciating the fusion of […]

Kyto Coffee Shop

Kyto Coffee Shop in Dusseldorf boasts an industrial-inspired interior that adds a touch of modern urban flair to the city’s coffee scene. With its exposed pipes, raw materials, and minimalist design, this café offers a distinctive ambiance for patrons to savor their coffee in a setting that effortlessly combines the art of coffee-making with contemporary […]

Dusseldorf Cafe / Das Coffe

Dusseldorf Cafe, or Das Coffe, offers a unique heritage corner setting enhanced by its stunning timber batten interior. This cozy café not only provides a welcoming environment to enjoy your coffee but also pays homage to its historical surroundings, making it a delightful spot for patrons to relish their beverages while surrounded by a blend […]