Kirkuk Mars Coffee House

Crafted by Mustafa Jamal, an architect, interior designer, and graphic designer, the Mars Coffee House at Kirkuk University embodies the concept of ‘framing memories’ with a thoughtful approach. Jamal’s design skillfully integrates wooden panels and dark navy metal beams to create a space that is structurally sound yet symbolically rich.

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Inspired by the idea of capturing cherished moments, the interior exudes warmth and simplicity, providing a cozy ambiance for various activities. Intimate seating corners facilitate focused work, quiet reading, and friendly coffee gatherings. The strategic layout fosters a sense of closeness, and wooden panels serve both as visual dividers and artistic elements, delineating areas within the coffee shop.

While the rendered images capture Jamal’s vision, the real coffeeshop, constrained by construction limitations, deviates slightly. Yet, the essence of ‘framing memories’ remains intact in both versions. Mustafa Jamal’s design is a blend of functionality and artistic flair, creating an environment where visitors can enjoy a unique and memorable experience.

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