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Step into the enchanting world of Palm Springs Burleigh, where the captivating charm of Southern California seamlessly blends with the tranquil beauty of the Gold Coast. This cafe exudes a sense of breezy sophistication, boasting a Southern Californian aesthetic that evokes the spirit of mid-century modern design. The interior is a play of white and pastel light green tones, offering a soothing and elegant ambiance, reminiscent of Palm Springs’ oasis-like landscapes. The design preview of Burleigh Cafes promises an oasis of calm and relaxation, allowing patrons to escape into a world of timeless elegance, underpinned by the cafe’s seamless fusion of Gold Coast vibrancy and Palm Springs serenity. Palm Springs Burleigh invites you to unwind in style, sip your coffee, and soak in the beauty of a Southern Californian-inspired sanctuary on the Gold Coast.

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 a new Los Angeles-inspired cafe bringing sun-soaked Cali-vibes and tasty morning eats (and drinks) to the beachside strip

Funky chandeliers hang from the ceiling, clusters of cactuses reminiscent of the California desert adorn the bright space and high arched doors let the balmy breeze flow through. 

Run by three intrepid Burleigh locals, Palm Springs is the coolest new spot we didn’t know we needed and the vibrant interior is perfect for pimpin’ your Insta. You’ll want to sink into the sage green seats hugging the whitewashed walls, indulge in the plethora of deliciousness and let the day pass you by in this dreamy haven. 

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Design by Palm Springs

Photography by Kristian Van Der Beek and Christian Rocchi.

Project location: Gold Coast / Burleigh Cafes / Palm Springs Burleigh

1878 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia

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