Havana Cafe / COLOR CAFÉ

Havana Cafe, also known as COLOR CAFÉ, is a captivating fusion of design and fashion influences. Drawing inspiration from its fashion origins, this space serves a dual purpose as both a fashion workshop and a lively bar and bistro. With pastel color accents adorning its interior, Havana Cafe exudes an inviting atmosphere that is perfect […]

161 Clarence Street / Michi Izakaya & Ramen

Michi Izakaya & Ramen at 161 Clarence Street, thoughtfully designed by Michiru Higginbotham, offers a unique atmosphere with its timber dowel linings and dark aesthetic. The integration with the refined brickwork of 161 Clarence Street’s Skye Suites ground floor, constructed by Wrightway Construction, adds a touch of heritage charm to the contemporary design, creating a […]

Old Saigon Cafe / Kiosque Cafe

Old Saigon Cafe, known as Kiosque Cafe, charms visitors with its original street food aesthetic. The cafe’s design authentically captures the essence of bustling Saigon streets with its vibrant colors, creative signage, and a lively atmosphere. Patrons can immerse themselves in the spirit of Vietnamese street culture while enjoying their coffee, making it a unique […]

Beirut Cafe / Urbanista

A Beirut cafe that offers a creative atmosphere to linger in Keeping up with the global trend, Beirut has its fair share of specialty coffee shops. Urbanista entices with its industrial charm, featuring exposed ceilings that add a touch of urban sophistication to the ambiance. The skylight library space adds a unique twist, bathing the […]

Coffee Shop Sibiu / NOD Prăjitoria de cafea

Coffee Shop Sibiu, known as NOD Prăjitoria de cafea, offers a captivating design experience, featuring an exposed timber ceiling that adds a touch of rustic charm to the interior. The cafe’s striking contrast with its ornate external garden creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, inviting patrons to enjoy their coffee amidst a […]

Paris Coffee Shop / Nomade Cafe

This Paris coffee shop has a chill atmosphere and resident tattoo artist When tattoo artist Pia Almondy and her partner returned to Paris from extensive travels through Asia and South America the pair decided to open a business where each could express their passion: tattoo for her and specialty coffee for him.  The result is […]

Naples Cafes Near Me / Centrale del caffé

Feature Article by Penelope Barker A quintessential espresso bar experience in the historic quarter of Naples Apart from its rich cultural heritage and world-renowned architecture, Naples is known for its cafe culture. In fact, there’s not a block in the city without a cafe so if you’re searching “Naples cafes near me” while you’re in […]

388 George Street / Toby’s Estate Coffee

388 George Street, home to Toby’s Estate Coffee, showcases an exquisite integration with the architectural foyer, meticulously crafted by fjcstudio. The cafe’s design flawlessly complements the building’s modern aesthetics, offering patrons an inviting and sophisticated space to enjoy their coffee amidst an atmosphere that beautifully balances architectural innovation with cozy comfort in the heart of […]

333 George Street / Regiment Cafe

333 George Street, the home of Regiment Cafe designed by Porter and Maple, offers a delightful blend of heritage charm within its modern surroundings. The cafe’s design preserves and enhances the historical ambiance, providing patrons with an inviting space to enjoy their coffee amidst the grandeur and elegance of this iconic Sydney location. Photography by […]

Barrack Place / Batch Espresso

Barrack Place, where you’ll find Batch Espresso, boasts a unique laneway setting enhanced by its vaulted concrete-look ceiling. This distinctive design not only provides a sense of urban seclusion but also an inviting space for patrons to enjoy their coffee amidst an atmosphere that beautifully marries architectural elegance with modern comfort in the heart of […]

Turramurra Cafe / Replay Espresso

A warm and welcoming Turramurra cafe on Sydney’s Upper North Shore Turramurra cafe, Replay Espresso, welcomes locals into a cosy haven with a warm and rustic ambiance. Says designer Micheline Li Yoo Foo of Mima Design, the compact space presented a challenge: “With just 40sqm to play with, we ripped the guts out of the […]

The Strand Arcade / Gumption Coffee

In a heritage setting in a historic Sydney arcade, Gumption coffee is a tranquil respite from the city rush The elegant and upmarket Strand Arcade in Sydney has long been home to boutique and artisan businesses so it made perfect sense, then, for Coffee Alchemy, the famed Marrickville café and coffee roaster, to expand its […]

Circular Quay Cafe / Skittle Lane

A tiny, triangular Circular Quay cafe brings a European coffee-drinking experience to Sydney Skittle Lane blend their love of iconic, understated design with their passion for quality coffee to create spaces that are warm, inviting and effortlessly beautiful. Their refined approach considers all elements from functionality to form.  The Sydney husband-wife duo behind Skittle Lane, […]

Best Laneway Cafes Melbourne / Maker Coffee

Among the best laneway cafes in Melbourne, Maker Coffee stands out with its captivating laneway activation and finely detailed counter and wall signage. The cafe’s design transforms an urban alley into a bustling coffee haven, offering patrons a delightful space to savor their brews amidst the artistic and intricate elements that adorn the surroundings. Photography […]