Havana Cafe / COLOR CAFÉ

Havana Cafe, also known as COLOR CAFÉ, is a captivating fusion of design and fashion influences. Drawing inspiration from its fashion origins, this space serves a dual purpose as both a fashion workshop and a lively bar and bistro. With pastel color accents adorning its interior, Havana Cafe exudes an inviting atmosphere that is perfect for hosting fashion parades and celebrating the creative intersection of cuisine and couture.

Color Café is a fashion brand that was created in 2018 by Cuban designer Loypa Izaguirre. You could say that it arose with the opening of private businesses in Cuba, but the truth is that it arose the day Loypa picked up a pencil and drew her first dresses on the floor of her rural home nestled in the mountains of Pinar del Rio.

Color Café, is not “just” a fashion brand, it is also a multidisciplinary space located in the heart of vibrant Old Havana: it combines the tailor-made workshop, high-end boutique and café and bar where fashion, art, music and gastronomy merge together to tantalize all the senses.

Color Café

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We have renovated this establishment from 1900, valuing the memory of the place, restoring the original openings and maintaining the traces of the passage of time. For the setting of the new premises we have used traditional materials, such as hydraulic slab, stucco and ironwork, generating a modern environment anchored in Havana tradition.

Color Café

Project Location: Havana Cafe / COLOR CAFÉ

Calle Aguiar #109 e/ Chacón y Cuarteles

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