Beirut Coffee Shop / Hachichit Albe

Beirut Coffee Shop, known as Hachichit Albe, offers a captivating design featuring lofty high ceilings that provide a sense of grandeur and spaciousness. The integration of art throughout the space elevates the ambiance, making it not only a coffee haven but also an artistic retreat, while it also serves as a home for herbs, infusing […]

Beirut Cafe / Urbanista

A Beirut cafe that offers a creative atmosphere to linger in Keeping up with the global trend, Beirut has its fair share of specialty coffee shops. Urbanista entices with its industrial charm, featuring exposed ceilings that add a touch of urban sophistication to the ambiance. The skylight library space adds a unique twist, bathing the […]

Cafe Beirut / BN Coffee Bar

Cafe Beirut, affectionately known as BN Coffee Bar, captures attention with its architectural elegance, boasting vaulted ceilings that exude a sense of grandeur and spaciousness. Pendant lighting fixtures gracefully adorn the interior, casting a warm and inviting glow that enhances the cafe’s cozy and chic atmosphere, creating the perfect setting for coffee enthusiasts to gather […]

Coffee Shop in Beirut / Dar Beirut

The coffee shop in Beirut, Dar Beirut, is a captivating step back in time, featuring a period aesthetic that transports patrons to an era of timeless charm. With its carefully curated design elements, this cafe offers an authentic and nostalgic ambiance, where every detail pays homage to Beirut’s rich history and culture, making it a […]