Capriole Cafe / Den Haag Netherlands / Bureau Fraai

Capriole Cafe / Den Haag Netherlands / Bureau Fraai

Bureau Fraai converts Capriole Cafe former paint factory into a coffee bar, restaurant and business centre. Amsterdam based architecture studio Bureau Fraai has converted a former paint factory in The Hague into a coffee bar, restaurant and business centre with a fully steel bar element as an interconnecting eye-catcher. Photography by Rene van Dongen and […]

container BAR OMA IETJE / Heesterveld / Open Architects

BAR OMA IETJE / Heesterveld / Open Architects

In the heart of Amsterdam’s Heesterveld neighborhood, a once-neglected complex has undergone a remarkable transformation, breathing new life into the community. Designed by OPEN architects | Mulders vandenBerk Architecten, the entire Heesterveld complex has not only received a structural overhaul but has also been infused with a vibrant mix of residents and activities, turning it […]

Kahwati / London Cafe / Ulfat Designs

Kahwati / London Cafe / Ulfat Designs

Kahwati, a distinctive coffee brand, has its roots embedded in the rich traditions of Arabic and Turkish-style coffee. What began as a family business blossomed into a unique venture by an Arab family in the bustling metropolis of London. Their journey started with a passion for authentic coffee, and it evolved into a broader vision, […]

Nunawading Cafe / Manta Ray Coffee Roasters / We are Humble

Tucked away in a former mechanics workshop in Nunawading is the new Manta Ray Coffee Roastery and café by Vincent Gao. The design juxtaposes industrial minimalism with hand-crafted artisanal elements. Vincent wanted to create a space that would give subtle nods to very traditional Chinese design elements without appearing thematic or referential. As you enter […]

Container Cafe Flask Coffee

Container Cafe / Flask Coffee Shop / New Almaty Architects Workshop

Photography by Damir Otegen Architecture by New Almaty Architects Published with Bowerbird The Flask coffee shop project was commissioned and conceptualised by our friend, artist and coffee enthusiast Chihoon. According to his brief, the project is designed in a minimalist, almost laboratory style. The interior was inspired by South Korean contemporary design. The main area […]

Powerhouse Arts District / New Jersey Coffee shop / Lackawanna Coffee

Cafe in Jersey City Located in the lively Powerhouse Arts District of Jersey City, the café features interior architecture by Inaba Williams and custom fabrication by Kyle May, Architect. Opened in 2022, Lackawanna Coffee is an inviting refuge of original design and stand-out customizations. From majestic, playful columns to colorful resin furnishings, the café welcomes guests with carefully curated […]

Southbank Cafe / Cafe Gadot / Aktis Architects

Southbank Cafe – A Masterpiece of Industrial Elegance Southbank Cafe, known as Cafe Gadot, nestled in the vibrant heart of Southbank, Melbourne, is a true testament to the innovative interior design brilliance of Aktis Architects. Led by the accomplished architects Bruce Katsipidis and Elaheh Mohamed, this extraordinary establishment has been beautifully captured through the lenses […]

Cool Cafes in Prague / Manifesto Market Andel

In the realm of cool cafes in Prague, Manifesto Market Andel stands out for its one-of-a-kind courtyard market style. Nestled in this vibrant urban oasis, the cafe boasts a pastel and timber aesthetic that adds a touch of whimsy and warmth to the bustling surroundings. This fusion of unique design elements and an open-air setting […]

Prague Best Cafes / Café Kontejner

In the heart of Prague’s Best cafes scene, Café Kontejner stands out with its unique container-like appearance, nestled like a pavilion in the park. Inside, the cafe unveils a captivating contrast with its dark interior, illuminated by neon lighting, which creates an edgy and atmospheric setting. The polished concrete floor adds an industrial touch to […]

Coffee Roaster / Alexandria Cafe

The launch of Best Cafe Designs has provided many coffee interactions and discussions.  This week we met with Dan from the coffee roaster / Alexandria Cafe, who initiated a site tour of the roastery premises. The coffee roaster was established in 1991 by Dan & JoAnne Fitzsimmons and has won several awards at the Royal […]

Caffe Milano / Starbucks Reserve

Caffe Milano, also known as Starbucks Reserve, is a design marvel that immerses patrons in the world of coffee craftsmanship. The full-size roastery takes center stage, offering a captivating behind-the-scenes glimpse of the coffee-making process. The high industrial ornamental ceiling, rich finishes, and intricate mosaic flooring combine to create an opulent atmosphere that elevates the […]

Brunch Wuppertal / Xafe

Brunch Wuppertal / Xafe stands out as a hidden gem within a captivating laneway setting, inviting patrons to discover its culinary delights tucked away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The cafe boasts a modern industrial aesthetic, featuring exposed ceilings, sleek metal accents, and large windows that flood the space with natural light. With its […]

Cafe Valencia / Bastard Coffee shop

Cafe Valencia, aptly named Bastard Coffee Shop, boasts a compelling rustic industrial interior that defines its character. The juxtaposition of weathered woods, raw metals, and industrial fixtures creates an intriguing visual landscape, offering patrons a distinctive and immersive coffee environment that marries the old-world charm with a touch of urban ruggedness. Photography by Miguel Sanchis […]

PKV Coffee Shop

PKV Coffee Shop stands out with its nostalgic retro aesthetic that transports patrons to a bygone era. Every detail, from vintage furnishings to classic decor, contributes to an inviting atmosphere that invites coffee enthusiasts to savor their brews amidst a charming blast from the past. Photography by Tazrian Arwa For further European Cafe designs click here […]

Debrecen / Black Sheep

Debrecen’s Black Sheep cafe captures attention with its distinctive design that combines edgy aesthetics and cozy comfort. Its unique blend of dark tones, industrial accents, and plush furnishings creates an atmosphere that is both stylish and inviting, making it a standout destination for coffee enthusiasts seeking a touch of avant-garde sophistication in the heart of […]

Sheffield Cafe / 200 degree

Sheffield Cafe, 200 Degrees, combines urban chic with cozy comfort in its design. The cafe’s inviting ambiance features modern aesthetics paired with rustic touches, creating a delightful space for patrons to enjoy their coffee and culinary delights in Sheffield. For further European Cafe designs click here Photography by Deva Qu Project location Sheffield Cafe / 200 […]

Velvet Cafe near me

Velvet Cafe, conveniently located in Dusseldorf, stands out with its captivating design featuring glazed partitions that create an open and inviting atmosphere. Complemented by lofty industrial and exposed ceilings, this cafe offers a harmonious blend of modern elegance and industrial chic, making it the perfect place to enjoy your coffee while appreciating the fusion of […]