Container Cafe Flask Coffee

Container Cafe / Flask Coffee Shop / New Almaty Architects Workshop

Photography by Damir Otegen

Architecture by New Almaty Architects

Published with Bowerbird

The Flask coffee shop project was commissioned and conceptualised by our friend, artist and coffee enthusiast Chihoon. According to his brief, the project is designed in a minimalist, almost laboratory style. The interior was inspired by South Korean contemporary design.

The main area of the coffee shop is housed in a shipping container structure. It is connected to the glass ‘greenhouse’ terrace via stained glass doors and circular windows. The main coffee bar area has a clear concept: a minimalistic bar with a stainless steel surface is complemented by modular sculptural tables and stools which can be assembled like a construction set.

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The terrace area is more relaxed, with two cosy padded areas of standard dining seating.

Initially a snow-white project, the artwork by the American artist Vargas-Suarez Universal was harmoniously complemented by a composition of black lines applied to the various surfaces of the space in an artist’s recognisable pattern.

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