Kahwati / London Cafe / Ulfat Designs

Kahwati / London Cafe / Ulfat Designs

Kahwati, a distinctive coffee brand, has its roots embedded in the rich traditions of Arabic and Turkish-style coffee. What began as a family business blossomed into a unique venture by an Arab family in the bustling metropolis of London. Their journey started with a passion for authentic coffee, and it evolved into a broader vision, […]

York Cafe / The Habit Cafe Bar York

York Cafe / The Habit Cafe Bar York

York Cafe, known as The Habit Cafe Bar, charms visitors with its quaint blue shopfront that beckons you inside. Beyond its inviting exterior lies a rooftop open courtyard where patrons can enjoy their coffee amidst an alfresco oasis. Leather bench seating adds a touch of sophistication, creating a comfortable and stylish setting for coffee connoisseurs […]

Cafes in York / Gatehouse Coffee

Nestled in the heart of York, a city steeped in rich history and adorned with medieval marvels, Gatehouse Coffee stands as a testament to the seamless integration of heritage and contemporary delights. Perched on an elevated central city location and intricately woven into the ancient city walls, this cafe exudes a unique charm that transcends time. To […]

Coffee Shops York / 200 degrees coffee shop

Coffee Shops York/ 200 Degrees Coffee Shop in Low Petergate, a charming establishment that seamlessly blends heritage with contemporary design. Its heritage shopfront exudes a sense of history and character that welcomes patrons into a world of coffee delights. Inside, a charcoal interior and elegant pendant lighting create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, making it […]

Sheffield Coffee Shop / Hygge cafe

Sheffield Coffee Shop, known as Hygge Cafe coffee at Sugarcube, enchants with its design featuring an abundance of timber and lush greenery. The cafe’s warm and natural ambiance creates a soothing and inviting space, inviting patrons to enjoy their coffee amidst a harmonious blend of wood and nature in Sheffield. Photography by Deva Qu For […]

Sheffield Cafe / 200 degree

Sheffield Cafe, 200 Degrees, combines urban chic with cozy comfort in its design. The cafe’s inviting ambiance features modern aesthetics paired with rustic touches, creating a delightful space for patrons to enjoy their coffee and culinary delights in Sheffield. For further European Cafe designs click here Photography by Deva Qu Project location Sheffield Cafe / 200 […]