Beirut Coffee Shop / Hachichit Albe

Beirut Coffee Shop, known as Hachichit Albe, offers a captivating design featuring lofty high ceilings that provide a sense of grandeur and spaciousness. The integration of art throughout the space elevates the ambiance, making it not only a coffee haven but also an artistic retreat, while it also serves as a home for herbs, infusing […]

Cafe Lisboa / Espresso Ceilo

Cafe Lisboa, also known as Espresso Cielo, enchants with its charming design featuring floral wallpaper that adds a touch of elegance and nature’s beauty to the space. The juxtaposition of the coffee aromas and the floral decor creates a sensory experience that invites patrons to savor their brews amidst a backdrop of timeless charm. Photography […]

Sugar n Spice Chatswood Chase

Sugar n Spice at Chatswood Chase is a visual delight with its ornate displays. The cafe’s intricate and artful presentation adds a touch of elegance to the ambiance, creating a charming and inviting space for patrons to enjoy their coffee while indulging in a feast for the eyes. Photography by Andrew Chung For further Oceania […]