Cafe Lisboa / Espresso Ceilo

Cafe Lisboa, also known as Espresso Cielo, enchants with its charming design featuring floral wallpaper that adds a touch of elegance and nature’s beauty to the space. The juxtaposition of the coffee aromas and the floral decor creates a sensory experience that invites patrons to savor their brews amidst a backdrop of timeless charm. Photography […]

Lisbon Cafe / Blue Bottle

Lisbon Cafe, home to Blue Bottle, exudes understated elegance with its simple wrap stone finish. This minimalist design approach creates a serene and contemporary ambiance, making it the perfect haven for coffee lovers seeking a tranquil and refined coffee experience in Lisbon. Photography by Marla Singer For further European Cafe designs click here

Cafe Portugal / Voyager

Cafe Portugal, known as Voyager, captivates with its distinctive design elements, including raw concrete, lush greenery, and the creative use of rope and mesh screens. These features combine to create an inviting and harmonious space where patrons can enjoy their coffee while immersed in a unique fusion of industrial aesthetics and natural serenity. Photography by […]