AIUEO Yamashiro Onsen / Gallery Cafe / Koyori

AIUEO Yamashiro Onsen / Gallery Cafe / Koyori

Nestled in the historic Yamashiro Onsen of Kaga City, the AIUEO Gallery Cafe, completed in November 2022 by the architects Koyori, subtly introduces a touch of modernity into the traditional charm of this hot spring town. 

Gallery Cafe

The gallery cafe, an extension of the Kyoto-based AIUEO assorted goods brand, features colorful goods and hand-drawn illustrations adorning its walls. In the face of noticeable vacancies brought about partly by COVID-19, the architects’ insertion aims to gently revitalize the town’s ambiance. 

AIUEO Workshop and gallery

With a modest workshop and gallery that change with each project and a simple café space, AIUEO Gallery Cafe seeks to offer a relaxed setting for locals and visitors to enjoy. This unassuming establishment aspires to create a space where the community can connect and appreciate the enduring appeal of the “Home of A-I-U-E-O.”

Review Words by the Architect

This project was for the Yamashiro Onsen store of “AIUEO,” an assorted goods brand originating in Kyoto, in the center of Yamashiro Onsen in the city of Kaga, known as the “Home of A-I-U-E-O.”

Where visitors enjoy coffee

The colorful goods and hand-drawn illustrations that form AIUEO’s core decorate the walls; the workshop space and gallery space for parents and children to enjoy have works that change with each project, while visitors can enjoy coffee in the café space. Triggers to spark connections between locals, tourists, and visitors alike are scattered about on a small scale.

Charms of the Gallery Cafe

The contrast produced by inserting into the modern values of “AIUEO” into the scenery of this historic hot spring town, where vacant buildings are becoming more noticeable, partly due to COVID-19, will create opportunities to rediscover the charms of this “Home of A-I-U-E-O.”

Store for all ages, genders and also types

We are sure that the scenery woven by things and by people of all ages, genders, and types will spread and that this will become a new place to broadcast culture in this area.

AIUEO Yamashiro Onsen

Location: City of kaga, Ishikawa prefecture
Completion:Nov 2022
Building use: Shop and gallery & Cafe

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