Canton Cafe / Eastwood Chinese

Canton Cafe / Eastwood Chinese, invites patrons into an authentic Hong Kong-style experience with its distinctive seating booths. These cozy, private booths exude the charm of traditional Hong Kong tea houses, allowing diners to enjoy their meals in an intimate setting reminiscent of the bustling streets of the city, creating an atmosphere that truly sets […]

Coffee shop in Haifa / La Cafe Roses

The coffee shop in Haifa, La Caffe Roses, immerses patrons in a captivating floral wonderland with its abundant rose display. A symphony of colors and fragrances intertwines seamlessly with the cafe’s design, creating a visually stunning and aromatic oasis where coffee connoisseurs can savor their brews surrounded by the beauty of nature. Photography by Julia […]

Israel Cafe / Sketch Cafe

Israel’s Sketch Cafe is a haven for creativity, where every visit is a unique artistic experience, thanks to its novel sketch furniture and backgrounds. Patrons can savor their coffee while surrounded by whimsical and ever-changing designs, fostering an environment that celebrates imagination and innovation in the heart of the cafe scene. Photography by Julia KeniaikinaFor […]

Gaming Cafe / Esc Sydney

The Gaming Cafe at Esc Sydney introduces a captivating and immersive experience with its unique gaming-themed seating booths, designed to transport patrons into the virtual realms of their favorite games while enjoying delicious refreshments. This fusion of gaming culture and culinary delights makes it an exciting destination for gamers and enthusiasts, promising an unforgettable adventure […]