Coffee shop in Haifa / La Cafe Roses

The coffee shop in Haifa, La Caffe Roses, immerses patrons in a captivating floral wonderland with its abundant rose display. A symphony of colors and fragrances intertwines seamlessly with the cafe’s design, creating a visually stunning and aromatic oasis where coffee connoisseurs can savor their brews surrounded by the beauty of nature. Photography by Julia […]

Israel Cafe / Sketch Cafe

Israel’s Sketch Cafe is a haven for creativity, where every visit is a unique artistic experience, thanks to its novel sketch furniture and backgrounds. Patrons can savor their coffee while surrounded by whimsical and ever-changing designs, fostering an environment that celebrates imagination and innovation in the heart of the cafe scene. Photography by Julia KeniaikinaFor […]

Haifa Cafe / HaPina Cafe

The Haifa cafe, Hapina Cafe, offers a delightful design experience with its eclectic furniture that infuses character into the space. Complemented by rustic displays, this cafe’s ambiance is a charming blend of vintage and contemporary, inviting patrons to enjoy their coffee amidst a cozy and visually captivating setting. Photography by Julia Keniaikina For further Asian […]