Plato Coffee / Alpine Attitude Boutique Hotel / Nadine Engelbrecht

Project name: Plato Coffee at Alpine Attitude Boutique Hotel 

Architect’ Firm: Nadine Engelbrecht Architect

Photo credits:    Marsel Roothman Photography

Project Description

Two innovative brothers approached the owner of Alpine Attitude Boutique Hotel with the idea to convert a corner store room into a street facing coffee hatch. This little storage space faces Atterbury Road which is one of the main arteries that connects the suburbs to the city center in Pretoria, South Africa,. The existing boutique hotel already has a great street engagement and to adapt an unused space into a coffee hatch was the perfect vision.  

In order to transform the space to accommodate a new Plato Coffee an opening was added to the street facing wall as well as to the hotel facing wall. This enabled the coffee shop to open onto both sides to cater for business and social customers from the main road as well as private functions held at the boutique hotel and conference center. A tip-up hatch enclosed the openings to performing the function of weather screen when Plato coffee is open and allows the cafe to lock at night. 

Originally a few tables were introduced for the on-street patio. The success of Plato coffee quickly required additional seating to claim an adjacent little garden space inside the hotel grounds.

A simple material palette of timber, white tiles and striking signage compliments the brothers ‘vision to serve premium Plato coffee in a beautiful setting.

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Lead Architects:  Nadine Engelbrecht

Contact e-mail:

Instagram @engelbrechtnadine

Other participants 

Client: Plato Coffee and Alpine Attitude Boutique Hotel

Main contractor: Hans Boersema Boukontrakteurs BK

Project location: Alpine Attitude Boutique Hotel, Menlo Park, Pretoria, South Africa

Completion Year: 2021

Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 35m2

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