135 King street / Tempered Cafe

“Tempered Cafe” at 135 King Street boasts a unique integration of curved sandstone features sourced from the refurbished lobby and facade (designed by Scott Carver and built by Shape), creating a captivating blend of old-world charm and contemporary design. This seamless incorporation pays homage to the building’s heritage while providing a distinctive setting to enjoy […]

161 Castlereagh Street / Pablo and Rusty

An ethical and sustainable Sydney cafe where coffee is taken as seriously as reducing waste Pablo and Rusty‘s cafe and roastery at 161 Castlereagh Street in the Sydney CBD seamlessly integrates with the mid-block connection of Liberty Place, designed by FJC Studio, offering a harmonious blend of modern architecture and urban connectivity.  Designed for the […]

200 George Street / Avenue on George

“Avenue on George” at 200 George Street offers a seamless integration not only with the FJC Studio-designed foyer but also with the new mid-block connection laneway. This dynamic space effortlessly blends contemporary design with architectural elegance, providing a unique setting to savor exquisite cuisine and drinks while harmoniously complementing the building’s aesthetic vision and enhancing […]

Governor Phillip Tower / Coffee Sydney CBD

“2 Governors” at Coffee Sydney CBD is a remarkable design fusion, seamlessly integrated into the JPW-designed foyer of Governor Phillip Tower. With its sleek, contemporary aesthetic and harmonious connection to the tower’s architectural grandeur, it offers a captivating setting for enjoying premium coffee and gourmet pastries in the heart of the city. Photography by Andrew […]

8 Chifley Square Cafe / Glass Room Espresso

Nestled within the captivating undercroft of 8 Chifley Square / Glass Room Espresso, the café boasts a truly distinctive setting, with floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the bustling urban life above, offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the city while savoring artisanal coffees and delectable treats in this remarkable subterranean […]

255 George Street / Senza

255 George Street’s Senza cafe offers a serene oasis within the bustling city, thanks to its inviting daylight lobby that bathes the space in natural light. This harmonious integration of interior design and ample daylight creates a tranquil atmosphere, making Senza the perfect spot for patrons to unwind and enjoy a moment of tranquility amid […]

1 Bligh Street / City Cafe Sydney / Janus

Janus Located at 1 Bligh Street, City Cafe Sydney harmoniously integrates with Ingenhoven’s commercial tower lobby, creating a seamless transition from corporate spaces to a welcoming culinary haven. The café’s northern amphitheatre forecourt enhances its appeal, providing a picturesque outdoor dining experience that perfectly complements the urban surroundings, making it an ideal destination for city […]

388 George Street / Toby’s Estate Coffee

388 George Street, home to Toby’s Estate Coffee, showcases an exquisite integration with the architectural foyer, meticulously crafted by fjcstudio. The cafe’s design flawlessly complements the building’s modern aesthetics, offering patrons an inviting and sophisticated space to enjoy their coffee amidst an atmosphere that beautifully balances architectural innovation with cozy comfort in the heart of […]

580 George Street / Two Black Sheep

580 George Street, home to Two Black Sheep, showcases a sleek and modern architectural foyer integration that sets the stage for an exquisite coffee experience. The cafe’s design effortlessly harmonizes with the contemporary building aesthetics, offering patrons an inviting space to enjoy their coffee in a setting that exudes sophistication and style in the heart […]