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The Essence of Best Cafe Designs

What We're All About

Cafe Directory

Our directory focuses on cafe design, allowing more precise searching than sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp. Find cafes by location, menu offerings, design features and design types.

Ultimate Cafe Hopping Map

Find our ultimate cafe hopping map of beautiful cafes and coffee shops around the world.  It’s ideal for both travel planners and discovering cafes in your home city.

Ranked in the Top 100 Architecture Websites

As a startup design publication, we have ranked 75th on Feedspot for top Architectural Websites to Follow For 2024.

Digital Design Publication

A verified digital publishing platform to showcase design articles and beautiful cafe designs to designers, travellers and coffee lovers. Join us for a weekly newsletter of curated cafe designs.

Design Community

Best Cafe Designs is a unique design community.  Its a place to promote architecture, design and photography to the general public and a place for design lovers to connect and checkout new and exciting cafe designs.

Celebrating Global Cafe Culture

Best Cafe Designs started as an global collaboration of 40 architects, photographers and writers.  It features cafe designs from all corners of the world including Paris, Sydney, Bangkok and Barranco.

Design Resources for Cafe and Coffee Shops

Find resources for cafe and coffee shop design considerations, including roundups of cafe exterior design, interior design, counter designs, booth seating, lighting and more.

Latest Best Cafe Design Articles

Incredible photography of best cafe and coffee shop designs around the world.

BAR OMA IETJE / Heesterveld / Open Architects

In the heart of Amsterdam’s Heesterveld neighborhood, a once-neglected complex has undergone a...

Coffee House Concepts – Cafes in Drawings Axonometrics and Diagrams

Coffee house concepts epitomize the intersection of design ingenuity and the evolving culture of...

Gulangyu Store / Fujian / Cunpanda

In 2018, a new cafe named 1/2 opened in Xiamen. In the past 4 years, it has developed into a coffee...

Kirkuk Mars Coffee House

Crafted by Mustafa Jamal, an architect, interior designer, and graphic designer, the Mars Coffee...

La Joie Dose Bakery & Cafe / Riyadh Saudi Arabia / Livelli Architects

Nestled in the heart of Riyadh, La Joie Dose Bakery & Cafe transcends conventional design...

Kahwati / London Cafe / Ulfat Designs

Kahwati, a distinctive coffee brand, has its roots embedded in the rich traditions of Arabic and...

“A Taste of Home” Will’s Home Brew Coffee Station Setup

As I evolve bestcafedesigns.com as a global directory of cafes, and cafe professionals, I’m also...

Arabica Xiamen Cafe

In the coastal city of Xiamen, where historical charm converges with modern urban development...

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Discover 30+ Countries: From Paris to Kyoto to Sydney to Barranco​

Cafe Designs By City or Country

Discover 30+ Countries: From Paris to Kyoto to Sydney to Barranco

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What is Best Cafe Designs?

Best Cafe Designs is a directory of cafes and cafe professionals (designers, photographers and builders).  It is a fully functional review site connecting cafes with their followers.

It seeks to be your global guide to extraordinary cafes, curated for the design community: architects, designers, and avid travellers.


The founder, Andrew started the idea of Best Cafe Designs by photographing cafes during coffee breaks, working as an architect in Sydney CBD.  The initiative then expanded to a 30+ international collaboration of architects, designers, photographers and writers featuring cafe designs from all over the world.  


The site is top 100 architecture blog worldwide and design publication and includes featured articles by Penelope Barker, a former editor at Vogue Living, Belle and Indesign magazines, and a well respected writer in the architecture and design space.



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Join the more than 250 cafes, architects, builders, photographers and influencers that have elevated their global presence and showcased their unique designs to a discerning audience on the Best Cafe Designs Directory.

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Here's what customers have to say about the latest cafes and coffee shops featured on our website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Best Cafe Designs

Best Cafe Designs is a specialized directory site and design publication  – dedicated to showcasing and celebrating exceptional cafe designs worldwide. It serves as a platform for cafes and cafe professionals to exhibit their unique aesthetics and connect with a global audience that appreciates fine design.

To list your cafe, simply visit our website and navigate to the “Add Listing” section. Follow the user-friendly instructions to create a profile for your cafe, customize your showcase, and choose a package that aligns with your goals and budget.  If your favourite cafe is not in our database, let them know how they can be featured.

Best Cafe Designs provides a range of benefits, including increased global visibility, targeted exposure to design enthusiasts, affordable advertising packages, and the opportunity to connect with a community that values and appreciates exceptional cafe designs.

Our pricing is designed to be affordable, providing cafes with cost-effective advertising options while ensuring maximum targeted exposure on our platform.

Absolutely! Best Cafe Designs offers customizable showcases, allowing you to highlight the unique design elements, atmosphere, and specialties of your cafe. Personalize your listing to make a lasting impression on our audience.

Customers can easily leave reviews by visiting the individual showcase page of a cafe listed on Best Cafe Designs. We encourage genuine feedback and aim to create a platform where customers can share their experiences with others.

While our primary focus is on cafes, we welcome all professionals in the cafe industry, including designers, architects, photographers and builders to join and showcase their expertise. Best Cafe Designs aims to be a comprehensive platform for the entire cafe ecosystem.

To stay in the loop, follow us on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), subscribe to our newsletter, or simply visit our website regularly for fresh café design inspiration, articles, and updates.  See articles for recently renovated cafe’s, cozier curve ceilings, copper toned latte touch device users, amazing hue and walkway spaces or that cafe with sleek lighting features, that services comfort food and transforms into a late-night bar

The listings on best cafe designs requires professional photography that exemplifies the cafe design as well as the menu.  In the origins of this site we created a free ebook to teach newcomers how to take great photography from your smartphone.  Its free to download whether your preparing your listing or for leisure.

Certainly! To recommend your local cafe for listing on Best Cafe Designs, you can let them know our website, and ask them to add listing.

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