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The spectacular Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan lies on the ancient silk route to China and draws  travellers from the world over with its history, culture, wildlife and wild beauty. In the central bazaar of the traditional village of Karimabad lies another drawcard  the Silk Route Cafe. Housed in an old stone building with rickety upper balcony that looks to have seen many a camel train pass by over the centuries, this remarkable cafe never closes, its doors always open to modern travellers in search of respite.

A Pakistan cafe like no other, high in the mountains of Hunza

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The interiors are unpretentious and authentic, with a long marble-topped counter, solid timber furnishings and black and white photos adorning the stone and lathe walls while traditional timber fretwork decorates the windows and frames views of rugged snow-capped peaks.

For visitors, it’s an enchanting experience, as explained here by one recent reviewer:

Walking into Silk Route Cafe, the first thing you notice is the warm and inviting ambience. The distinct aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and the gentle hum of conversations fills the air, creating an atmosphere of comfort and conviviality. Beautifully adorned with locally made handicrafts and authentic rugs, every corner of the cafe tells a tale of the rich cultural heritage of Hunza.

What stood out to me was the cordiality of the staff. Their welcoming smiles, deep knowledge about their offerings, and keen interest in ensuring an excellent experience for every customer added a personal touch that made me feel right at home. This level of customer care and attention to detail is what makes Silk Route Cafe, in my opinion, the best restaurant in Hunza.

Now, let’s talk about their coffee. If you’re a coffee connoisseur like myself, you’d know that a good cup of coffee is not just about the taste, but also about the aroma, the texture, and the way it’s served. At Silk Route Cafe, they’ve mastered this art. Their coffee is sourced from the finest beans, brewed to perfection and served with love. Each sip was a melody of rich flavours that lingered on my palate. Undeniably, they serve the best coffee in Hunza.

Beyond the coffee, their menu was a delightful surprise with an array of locally sourced, organic dishes that showcased the rich flavours of Hunza. The apricot tart, a local speciality, was an absolute must-try. And their Hunza-style walnut cake was a delicious revelation that had me asking for the recipe!

One specific moment that stays with me was the evening I spent on their terrace. Against the backdrop of a setting sun painting the sky with hues of pink and gold, with a steaming cup of their signature coffee in hand and the tranquil sound of the Hunza river in the background, I found a slice of heaven at the Silk Route Cafe / Pakistan Cafe.

So, if you find yourself in the picturesque Hunza valley, make sure to carve out a moment for the Silk Route Cafe. It’s a symphony of excellent service, delectable food, remarkable coffee, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. A symphony that you’ll remember long after you’ve left the valley. Truly, the Silk Route Cafe is not just the best cafe in Hunza, it’s an unforgettable experience.

The extensive menu of mostly healthy, organic Hunza favourites, including yak meat dishes, is simply explained on whiteboards and another whiteboard at the door proclaims: We don’t have wifi. Talk to each other. Pretend it’s the nineties.

At night, fairy lights are strung up inside, jazz or live local musicians set the ambiance, mocktails are served and a party atmosphere often prevails at this remarkable Pakistani cafe.

Silk Road CafeMain Tourist Bazaar, Karimabad, Hunza, Pakistan. Open 24 hours, seven days a week.  

Photography by Asif Nawaz

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Tourist Cottage Hunza, Zero point, road, Hunza, Karimabad


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