La Nettuno Espresso Coffee Machine

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We try to find a meeting point between practicality and quality.  Our new system for setting pressures on infusions and temperatures allows the bartender to work in perfect quality, saving time and ensuring consistency in the quality of perfect extraction.

Our flow tool is very sensible and allow to regulate final water flow directly before holder.

Futhermore, our T.-PADDLE system (timed paddle) allows you to set a dispensing time in hasty situations.

The machine will dispense coffee for N seconds (set by you) and will stop automatically. Then by holding the button down for approx. 2 seconds you

can return to normal paddle mode with manual pre-infusion.

Whitebird 1 group

External tank and hydraulic sup- ply versions.

Designed for professional or do- mestic use, the 1 group has a fine and refined design.

The present technology allows to consume from 0,7 kw to 2,88 kw, making it perfect.

We can consider this single group espresso machine a true gem, due to the quality of extraction and the multiple brewing features it


Whitebird 2 groups

Coming soon

Customised Appearance

Jet engine inspired design and performance.

Aesthetic customization to order. This can include:

  • plastic (on stock) or wooden finishes – colors (on stock)
  • mirror chrome
  • Cor-ten effect
  • glass drip tray holder

Delivery and Construction

  • We ship the machines after 1 week of testing and 2 kg of coffee brewed.
  • System with heat exchanger on main boiler and instant serpentine thermoblock group head.
  • One internal 2.5 liters main boiler powered by immersion heater and external rotary pump.
  • Coffee groups with instant dry resistance and coil to guarantee excel- lent thermal stability (0.4 degrees on 60 seconds brewing)
  • Loading and dispensing solenoid valves with gigler connection with flow regulation and dirt block.
  • In addition, thermo regulation with on / off system of all boilers.
  • Boiler in 304 steel, copper / annealed steel pipes and brass group.
  • Electrical system with cables used in the aviation industry.
  • Anti dirt filters installed before every water inlets. (1 for each electro valve)
  • Auto level of water
    Auto brewing option
    Able/disable paddle pre infusion
    Temperarute set for boiler and group boiler
    Fast heating (5 min from cold start for boiler, 30 seconds for group)

1 Group Tech

width mm 524 lenght mm 637 height mm 439

boiler 2.5 litres for steam and 1 litres for group volt 220/230 boiler heating 2 kw pump 0.184 kw boiler pressure 1.0 -1.2 bar security valve pressure 1.8 bar heat exchanger pressure 10.0 bar security valve heat exchanger 11.0 bar pressure brew – adjustable max 10 bar group heating 0,7 kw

Vibe and Atmosphere

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Feature List
  • pressure profiling, temperature profiling, water flow profiling automatic water filling,
  • The end of the shot is regualted by 1 mm gigler for anti dripping after erogation.
  • It is possible to give an extra final infusion after pump work.
  • shot timer with memory
  • cold touch wands
  • flow control of brewing groups, steam and hot water
  • instant heating of groups with 700w serpentines, perfect temperature keeping on brew for over 1 minute
  • turn on / off option for boiler and groups
  • boilerless technology for great energy saving, can brew perfect coffee from 80 to 100 degrees without boiler heatings, no steam produced while using this function
  • adjustable pump pressure
  • stainless steel 304 boiler with laser weldings; anodyzed aluminium group head
  • heavy and well balanced holders
  • very high resistance electrical wiring used in aeronautical industry
  • high strength paint used for military submarines casing
  • professional brass electro valves
  • erogonomic dispose of components
  • pump memory timer (possible to skip paddle brewing with pre infusions and just make directly pump work at 9 bar with automatic stop at desired time showed on display
  • pressure profiling



What are the La Nettuno Mechanics like?

Our machine has a completely innovative working method.

We just have combined 2 methods, multiboiler system with heat exchanger and and instant dry heat corrections with thermoblock.

The water, coming from the main inside boiler, pre heated from heat exchanger, arrive to the group at 88 degrees and is heated again by instant heat from thermoblock of the group.

Our temperature sensor is place direclty on water exit so the indicated temperature is 100% real; same as for pump pressure gauge connector.

We, as some famous coffee schools already reviwed us, have the best temperature keeping during a 1 minutes brew (the temperature loss is less than 0.5 degrees).

The group heatings are also able to produce instant steam, by setting the temperature from 98- 105 degrees.

They also feature the on/off option alongside with main boiler for energy savings. Our paints are the same used on the external body of submarines, very resistant to water and scratches.

Our relay system, allow you to connect a 380v born machine with 220v without affecting heatings or other 380v parts.

The group paddle works in 2 steps: 1 open electro valve for doing manual pre infusion 2 start the pump work at 4 bars progressively automatic to 8.5-9.2 bars, based on grindind It is possible to add a 3d final infusion at low bar from 0 to 3.5.

We also feature able/disable pre infusion paddle.

In addition we have a special button that let you set a timer on the display; on the next push, the pump will start skipping pre infusion and brew for saved seconds before.

It will also stop automatically.

Last, we have a very sensibile needle flow valve that let you customize your brews everytime.

La Nettuno Espresso Coffee Machine 0 reviews

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