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Goliath Coffee Roasters, based in Sydney’s South West, has carved its niche as a family-run specialty coffee roaster, delivering an exceptional coffee experience to cafes and enthusiasts across Australia. With a foundation rooted in 18 years of industry experience, founder David took the plunge in 2013, establishing Goliath Coffee Roasters to bring his accumulated knowledge to fruition.

Experiencing Goliath’s offerings firsthand, the passion and dedication to quality shine through. The coffee, roasted on Sydney’s first Loring Smart Roaster, boasts a remarkable cleanliness and efficiency. The closed-loop convection heat system, a hallmark of Loring, not only incinerates smoke but also minimizes emissions to nearly zero, underscoring the roastery’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

In the pursuit of flavor excellence, Goliath Coffee Roasters embraces the Loring roaster’s closed roasting environment, reducing oxygen presence during the process. This meticulous approach prevents the burning of natural sugars, resulting in coffees that are not only exceptionally clean but also rich and nuanced in flavor. A commitment to consistency is evident in their use of the Loring roaster’s computerized profiling system, ensuring that each batch matches the high standards set by Goliath.

An excerpt from a satisfied customer captures the essence of Goliath’s success: “Goliath Coffee Roasters not only provides the best coffee I’ve tasted, but their dedication to environmentally friendly roasting and commitment to flavor consistency truly sets them apart. The warmth and community spirit they bring to the coffee experience make it more than just a drink—it’s a shared passion.”

Goliath Coffee Roasters has succeeded not only in crafting outstanding coffee but in fostering a community that shares in the love of great coffee and meaningful connections. Their pursuit of excellence, from bean selection to roasting technology, positions them as a standout player in Australia’s specialty coffee landscape.

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Goliath Coffee Roasters, The Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park NSW, Australia


Goliath Coffee Roasters 0 reviews

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